T-Ball / Baseball / Softball FAQ

Q: Which Roanoke City Youth Recreational Club provides teams for my area?
A: Registrations for the youth sports of baseball, softball, basketball, outdoor soccer, football and cheerleading are taken through regional recreation clubs. There are 4 Regions/Rec. Clubs for Roanoke City residents.

Greater Southwest Athletics provides recreational teams for players that reside in Roanoke City Region IV, Southwest ONLY.

For contact information for Regions I, II, and III: Roanoke City Region Map - Recreational Sports 
Or call Roanoke City Parks and Recreation at 540-853-2236.

Q: What is the deadline for signups for GSA?
A: The deadline is March 1st 2017 for GSA only.  Online registration must be completed or mail in registrations postmarked by this date.

Q: What happens if I sign up after the deadline?
A: The player will be placed on a wait list, with no guarantee of being placed on a team.  Late fee is $10.00.

Q: May I pay online, or through the mail?
A: Registration for GSA can be completed along with the payment on our website.  You may also download the registration form and mail it in.  REGISTRATION IS NOT CONSIDERED COMPLETE UNTIL PAYMENT IS RECEIVED.  FAILURE TO PAY REGISTRATION FEES MAY RESULT IN THE PLAYER BEING PLACED ON A WAIT LIST AND NO GUARANTEE OF TEAM PLACEMENT.

Q: When does practice start?
A: Practice starts usually around middle to late March.  This may be earlier or later depending on the coach’s availability.

Q: When will I hear from the coach?
A: After the teams are formed after March 1st, you should hear from your coach within a week or so.  For established teams, it is quicker than new teams being formed.  If you do not hear anything within 2 weeks after the cutoff date of 03/01, please contact GSA.

Q: Where is practice?
A: Practice location depends on the coach and court availability.  Coaches pick their preferred neighborhood field if available every season.

Q: How many practices are there and what time?
A: Generally practice is only 1 or 2 times per week, which day and the time is determined by the coach.  For younger players, practice is around 45 minutes, for older players up to 1.5 hours.

Q: When do the games start, how many and how long does the season last?
A: Games usually start the in April and run through early June. Each schedule typically has 8-10 games over 8-10 weeks for Baseball.  If games are postponed due to weather, the season can last longer, of course.

Q: How many games are there per week?
A: Usually there are 1-2 games per week.  There may be up to 7 days without a game also in your schedule.

Q: How do I get a game schedule?
A: The coach or team parent is responsible for furnishing schedules to players and parents.

Q: What if it is bad weather?
A: PRACTICES:  Your coach is responsible for canceling practice due to inclement weather, and contacting players.

GAMES: The weather hotline for game cancellations for the Roanoke City rec league is 853-1196 and is updated by 7:30am Sat. and 4pm weekdays.
You may also subscribe to TEXT alerts from Roanoke City Parks and Rec. by texting BASE2017 to 84483.

Please note: The weather hotline for game cancellations depends on WHAT FIELD you are playing, not for the recreational dept. schedule you play under. Since GSA Softball and some GSA Baseball age divisions play on fields under 3 different rec. dept, please call the number that oversees the FIELD you are scheduled to play.

List of Fields by Rec Dept:
Roanoke City – Rivers Edge Sports Complex and Reserve Ave. Fields, Breckenridge, Preston Park, Maher Field  853-1196 – updated by 7:30am Sat. and 4pm weekdays.

Roanoke County – Vinyard Park, Va. Med Center, Green Hill Park, Cave Spring, Mt. Pleasant, Glenvar, Hollins, Merriman, Salem, etc.  387-6455 ext.6 – updated by 7:30am Sat., 11am Sun., 4:30pm weekdays.

Botetourt County – Cloverdale, Greenfield, Read Mountain, Troutville, Covington, Blue Ridge, Botetourt Sports Complex  992-0012 – Updated by 7am weekends and 4pm weekdays.